Community Suicide Prevention Training opportunity

Notice from the CCA:

Adriel Burley will be visiting Collinsville in September to discuss suicide training (CORES program). 

It is possible that we could get quite a few community members trained up in this suicide prevention program if we have enough interest.

Please register your interest with CCA as Adriel is happy to meet with you. 

The CORES Program is as stated : We are a not-for-profit organization our charter is community suicide prevention, at the heart of the program is our one day suicide intervention training specifically designed for everyday people. With the aim for them to become ‘early intervention friends’ within their community. To do this we fundraise to ensure the training is free to the public.

After delivering a successful training in Proserpine in 2015 we have a number of requests from different communities in the Whitsundays Region. This was the catalyst for us to apply for philanthropic money through The Funding Network this was successful at a crowd funding event in Brisbane.

Which can be viewed at the  funding will enable us to train at no cost to the community up to 200 community members along with four local facilitators for long term sustainability in the Whitsundays Region, including Collinsville.

We believe the first step to any successful implementation of a program is to ask the community what will work for them.

As our number one goal is to always work with communities.

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