Sedgman has operated the Sonoma Mine CHPP for QCoal Sonoma having previously built the plant in 2007 This involved undertaking detailed design through to commissioning of an initial single stage 800 t/h coal (CHPP), followed by inclusion
of a second stage circuit early in 2008 and then overseeing a fines circuit upgrade in 2009. A co-disposal facility managed by Sedgman Operations handles all reject material and optimises overall process water consumption.
The Sonoma project sums up the way Sedgman does business, extending a strong client relationship with QCoal into a long term operations contract after engineering and delivering all three stages of the project on time and on budget without lost time injuries.

Contact Name: Jacques Dippenaar

Address: Sonoma Mine, Mt Coolan Road, Collinsville Qld 4804

Phone: (07) 3514 1356 / 0437 833 616

Fax: (07) 3124 4399



Hours: 24hrs

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